Wall unit RSTM132- C593 ARISTA
Wall unit RSTM132- C593 ARISTA
Wall unit RSTM132- C593 ARISTA

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Description Wall unit RSTM132- C593
Width (cm) 279,5
Height (cm) 199,6
Depth (cm) 55
Available colours C593
Body- Concrete Optic Dark Gray (U41)
Front- White (120) / Concrete Optic Dark Gray (U41)
Body furniture board
Front furniture board+glass
Type and thickness of the glass front ordinary, colorless, 3mm
Guides ball bearings
Handles Plastic- Alu Look
for an extra charge
Type of lighting
LED (IZ12-916, IZ14-916)
Color of light Cold white
The dimensions of the recess for the TV 120x90 cm
The form of the delivered furniture in packages for self-assembly
The ARISTA wall unit is a modern piece of furniture, perfect for light-filled interiors in white and gray tones.
The advantage of the ARISTA wall unit is that the elements can be freely positioned.
The whole consists of a standing and hanging display case, as well as a suspended panel with shelves on which decorations, books or CDs can be placed. The lower part of the furniture is complemented by an RTV cabinet for audio-video equipment.
The combination of white fronts as well as the body and top in dark gray concrete colors gives great visual effects that are stylistically suitable for modern arrangements.
Dimensions of the pieces included in the ARISTA wall unit.
RTV cabinet:
55 cm deep,
199 cm wide,
40 cm high,
RECESS with center graduation (only in the rear part of the recess):
99 cm - the width of the entire recess
15.5 cm - height
52 cm - depth
High side cabinet:
80 cm wide,
199 cm height,
31 cm deep (with doors - 35 cm)
Hanging cupboard:
101 cm height,
80 cm - width,
31 cm deep,
Panel with shelves:
panel height - 75 cm
Panel width - 120 cm

Wall unit RSTM132- C593 ARISTA

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