Wall mural Wooden pier 11619
Wall mural Wooden pier 11619
The mural is available:

- on a paper base in the following sizes: P4, P8
- on fizeline in sizes: L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, V4, V8, V10, V12
- on vinyl with a fine sand structure on premium fizeline in sizes: W4, W8, WVZXL, WVZ2XL, WVZ3XL, WVZ4XL, WVZ5XL
Includes glue.

Ultra-high quality, super-fine detail and vivid colours!
Easily transform your room with a stunning wall mural !!!

Our colours are extremely bright and vivid, images crisp and designs stunningly effective! 


- On a Blueback paper substrate- made on traditional paper for large-format prints. They retain excellent quality and intense colors, but require more attention when laying- we smear both the wall and the photo wallpaper with glue.

 - On a fizeline base, 130 g / m2- printed with the latex method, odorless and ecological easy to stick- only the wall is covered with glue perfect fit of the panels the wall mural does not wrinkle under the influence of glue, thanks to which we avoid the effect of "bubbles" on the wall the photo wallpaper does not change size while gluing ecological product, certified for interior wall decoration.

 - Vinyl on a fizeline backing with a weight of 265g / m2- printed with the latex method, odorless and ecological easy to stick- we only lubricate the wall with glue durable material wet washing possible light satin swallow.

Before placing it on the wall, unfold all panels of the photo wallpaper and check if the product does not contain any manufacturing defects or errors.

ATTENTION! Any differences in the colors and shades of photo wallpapers may be caused by individual monitor settings. On different monitors, photos may look different (color). If in doubt, please contact us by e-mail.

Wall mural Wooden pier 11619

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